Hcg in the news

The HCG Diet In The News!

Everyone seems to be talking about the new diet craze and some people don’t have very nice things to say.
So here is some information to better help you decide if the HCG diet is right for you.

Because HCG is a natural hormone that your body already produces everyday, it doesn’t seem to produce any effects on anything else but the reduction in weight. There have been many reports that eating just 500 calories a day is unsafe yet there is no evidence of any cases where someone has actually gotten ill because of the diet. Most comments on this diet being unsafe are simply opinion. Personally I think having someone suck the fat out of you with a big vacuum is pretty unsafe but nobody seems to be talking about that in the news. Maybe it’s because they get to charge you so much to do it. I guess we can’t pay for those doctors big mansions if we are only spending $30-$50 dollars to get into the best shape of our lives.

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Is 500 calories per day starvation?

Think of it this way, us as Americans are so spoiled in the way we eat it’s really pathetic we have gotten so use to those high preservatives racking out daily intake into the thousands. When you think of 500 calories don’t think of portions, think of health. Some of the most healthy things you can eat are extremely low in calories! Take for example “lettuce” is about 7 calories per 2 cups. You could eat 42 cups of lettuce per day and still be eating less than 400 calories, but if I ate a tub of lettuce like that I don’t think I could call it starvation. It’s more like binging!
Just because something is low in calories that don’t mean it has to be a small amount. When getting into this diet you will see that the size of the meals on your plate are more then some fine dining restaurants are willing to supply! Just take a look at some of the recipes we have and pictures users have submitted!

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Homeopathic vs Pure HCG:

There has been a lot of talk whether Homeopathic HCG is the real deal. Is it a scam or just the new and improved version without a prescription?
Whether it’s injections or drops, people seem to be getting the same results for a lot less money. However since places like Canada view HCG as just another diet, most people can order the original from there without a prescription. Many health food stores and nutrition outlets such as GNC and Walgreen’s have it on the shelves and you can even find it here on our site.
The real question is whether it has the same amount of HCG or any at all? Those who have used it, including myself have never seen different results either way. Maybe this whole diet is a placebo, a way to trick your mind into not being hungry and losing the weight, either way people are losing weight like crazy and swearing by the product.

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