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HCG Diet Plateau Fixes

hcg diet plateau fixes

When in phase 2 of the hcg diet everyone hits a plateau. This usually happens somewhere in the middle about 14 days into the diet or so. The plateau happens to everyone sooner or later in the diet but there is no need to get worried that the diet is no longer working. In fact, it is exactly the opposite. The plateau is usually found in people that have been doing really well with the hcg diet. This usually corrects itself in time but can last anywhere from 4-6 days in some cases. This disappoints some people, especially when they have gotten use to seeing 1 or 2 lbs drop off the scale in the days previously and now are stuck in limbo.

However there is a quick fix to the stall and its called “Apple Day” On the hcg diet apple day you are instructed to have 6 large apples and nothing else. You can eat them anytime you want but not more then 6. You are only to drink water to quench your thirst if needed. When I had to do my apple days I noticed that most of the time I wasn’t really thirsty because of all of the juice the apples provided. You continue the apple day until lunch the next day. Only then can you return to your phase 2 diet instructions. The results almost always result in a smile on your face in the morning when you see your weight loss continue.