Success stories

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Jennifer Flores – Saint Cloud, Florida
Before HCG I was desperate to lose weight. I didn’t know what diet pill to take or to starve myself. No matter what I did, my weight will not drop. I heard about this HCG drops and I didn’t know from who to buy because there was so many sellers out there. But Valerie was there to answer any questions that I had through email or by phone. I finally took the chance and decided to order my first dose. I can now proudly say that I went from 196 lbs to 176 in 20 days. Can you believe that? 20 lbs in 20 days… I LOVE HCG.. And thank you Valerie for this awesome product, I know that I’m going to look stunning for my wedding in May.

Brian Lexington – Arlington, Virginia
Going to the gym use to fill about 3 hours out of my day 3 times a week. After having back surgery I found it hard to do any sort of exercise, let alone get to the gym. During my recovery I gained about 40 lbs and wasn’t sure how to lose it with working out not being much of an option anymore. I heard about this diet the people were calling the pregnancy diet, I had been told it wasn’t only for women and I would have to work out while doing it. I looked into it but quickly put it off when friends started pointing and making gestures with their stomachs like they were carrying small children. I mean what if I got transferred some weird chick hormone from this diet. After trying a few other diets and only losing a few lbs I decided to do more research into this diet and found that I wasn’t the only man interested. I started seeing all kinds of video ads of men who lost their weight fast! So I sucked up my pride and took the challenge and lost 52 lbs in 2 months. Not only did I watch the weight fall off I found that my back had a great deal of stress lifted off with all that weight. I now can get to the gym just as much as before and feel much healthier. As a man normally I would have seen a diet like this and laugh as my friends did but I was desperate and to tell you the truth I’m glad I was.

Stephanie Mitchell – Denver, Colorado
I lost 19 lbs on the Hcg diet just last fall. After having my third child Megan, I found that losing the weight wasn’t as easy as it was with my other two children. I had previously done the Atkins diet and when I looked over the protocol for this diet realized that is was just as simple. I tried the diet once and lose 15 lbs in about less than 1 month. However I had friends who skipped right over the other phases so I did the same. To my surprise I gained about 9 lbs back in just over a month. I did the diet once again last fall and lost 19 lbs and this time stuck by the rules to the T. I am happy to say I haven’t gained anything back yet!

Monique Espinosa – Flagstaff, Arizona
I am 22 and recently finished my sophomore year at the University of Arizona. Dorm life quickly became beer and frozen pizza for as I had no time to eat healthy. When I came home for the summer and tried getting into an old bathing suit I quickly realized that I had gained a few extra pounds.  My Aunt had already done the HCG diet and lost like 28 pounds, so over summer break I called her and got the information I needed to hook myself up with this new stuff. I lost about 21 pounds and did it in enough time to end the summer with a few trips to the beach as a new slimmer me. I’m definitely going to use this stuff to trim down in the summers before break it’s quick and easy. Now that I have done it once it seems like maybe next time it will be no sweat.

Sarah B.
In July 2011, my weight hit and ultimate high and my health hit an ultimate low. I am 5’2" and I weighed in at an astonishing 165 lbs, the most I have ever weighed in my life. At this point in time, my health was also at its worst. I was waking up daily swollen, dizzy, ill and suffered from severe migraines and multiple other medical complications. However, after a year of seeing multiple doctors no one could tell me what was wrong with me. There was also the depression that had set in. I wanted to go nowhere and definitely didn’t want to be seen. As a mother of two, I realized that, that was just not fair to my children to have to suffer a life as hermits because of my insecurities. The day that realization set in was the day I decided to change my life.
My hairdresser actually told me about the HCG diet and how she and the ones she recommended it to had great results. I was so interested that I researched as much as I could find on the HCG diet for 1 week, read Pound and Inches, and bought my HCG drops. I lost 8 lbs in the 1st week SUCCESS! I continued to do the diet for 40 days because I had more than 15 lbs to lose, and even though I did plateau a few times, I lost 35 lbs on the this diet and I FEEL AMAZING! Not only have I reached a normal healthy BMI, I feel and look great. My confidence has never been higher, I have energy to play with my children, and my husband says he has his wife back mind and body. However, my story doesn’t end here, in the time that I was on my VLCD I realized that my daily swelling (which was very painful and caused great fatigue) disappeared along with ALL and I mean ALL of the symptoms that I had been experiencing for years and the new healthy energetic me was still there as I transitioned into phase 3. I wondered what could have possibly caused so much illness in just the foods that I was eating, other than the obvious non-healthy things I would occasionally eat. I mean I was seriously ill for the last 8 years, with each year getting worse. At different times I was diagnosed with MS, Lupus, and even GOUT! Being that I was a 28 year old woman and not a middle aged, red meat eating, beer drinking male, I knew there was something the Doctors weren’t finding/testing for. In the midst of my 40 day body/mind make over, I went to a nutritionist to try and find out more information. She explained that my symptoms sounded a lot like Celiac, which can be a debilitating disease if it goes undiagnosed. She sent me to a Dr. who specializes in Celiac/gluten allergies and TA DA! Turns out that I was in fact allergic to gluten all this time! Even when I went on a strict and very nutritious diet before I got married, I encountered many illnesses to included, muscle spasms, swelling of joints, faint, fatigue, cloudy mind, and excruciating migraines. At one point was even put on a driving restriction because I would randomly faint/pass out for a period of about 4 weeks. It was determined that the oatmeal, and whole wheat grains that I was consuming on my daily nutrition plan was killing me! I would have never ever have gone to take these test had it not been for the HCG diet making me feel like I am a whole new person and realizing that there was something so much more wrong when I ate the wrong foods. Not to mention, when you find out that you are person who is allergic to wheat, flour, rye, oats and barley it is not an easy thing to take. You have to re-train your brain to eat entirely different than you have in your whole life. That is not an easy thing to digest! But, guess what, I didn’t have to do that because the eating plan during phase II and III is exactly according to what Celiac suffers need to eat! I had already said goodbye to all the things that would cause illness to set in. By the time phase 4 rolled around I was able to add, corn tortillas instead of bread, corn chips, fresh salsa and popcorn as snacks and I was satisfied!
It has been 6 months since I did my 1st round of HCG and I have kept my weight off. This week I have started my second to get to my "Ultimate Weight Goal" of 123 and I am happy to say that I am only 7 lbs away. Can you believe it? Going from 165 pounds to 123, oh the taste of SUCCESS is wonderful!
In conclusion, The HCG Plan not only helped me to lose weight, it SAVED MY LIFE.