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quick tips

Quick Reference and Tips for the HCG Diet

Description: If you’re looking for a quick reference about the hcg diet then this page is for you. We go over some of the most important aspects of the diet, when to weigh in, brief meal tips and much more. Much of these tips are just things I ran into while using the hcg diet and thought maybe they might help other dieters.

Three Popular Quick Weight Loss Diet Plans

Description: Aside from the HCG Diet, what other programs offer quick weight loss and do they really work? Here we will look at three diet programs and discuss if they are really quick weight loss solutions. We will explore "10 Pounds in 10 Days", "The 3 Day Military Diet" and "The Overnight Diet".

Use Popular Video Games to Exercise While on The HCG Diet

Description: Explore some of the top video games for fitness and exercise. Most of us don’t have the money for expensive gym memberships or the time to go on a regular basis. Check out some of these great game titles and see how they can help you get the perfect workout in your own home. I personally used some of these games to exercise while doing the HCG Diet and they where a great asset.

diet results

HCG Diet Results

Description: When choosing a diet your ultimate goal is to see results. The HCG Diet usually yields quick results.
Sticking to the program and following through will usually provide most dieters with the results they are looking for.

shopping for hcg diet food

Shopping For Food on the HCG Diet

Description: Many HCG Dieters ask, "What is the best ideas for shopping while on the HCG Diet?" Here are some quick tips to remember when at the store and what to look for in certain products.

stalling on the diet

Stalling on the HCG Diet

Description: It is common to stall on the HCG diet, especially around days 13-15, there is no need to worry! Stalling is all a part of the process, there are many contributors to a stall and they only last a few days.

Exercise with the hcg diet

HCG Diet and Exercise

Description: Fitness and exercise should be part of any diet. You should continue working out even after you finish your initial phases of dieting. Making a decision to change your life style and to workout regularly is a healthy choice for everyone.

HCG Diet Sample Menu

Description: The following post is a a day in the HCG Diet. The idea is to see if this diet will work for you. If you feel you can stick to this menu then maybe the HCG Diet can help you lose weight.