Quick Reference and Tips for the HCG Diet

Quick Tips and Helpful Hints for the HCG Diet
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• To start make sure you have a food scale and a accurate body scale.

• Look at the shopping list and do your shopping before you get your Hcg supplements. Its just easier that way.

• When buying chicken breast try to buy fresh or boneless and skinless. Not fake chicken patties in the frozen section, a lot of time those are filled with preservatives to make them taste better.

• When you buy your meats and come home, it makes it easier to weigh it right then. 100 grams each piece and put each piece into a sandwich baggie then all of them in a zip lock. I do this so when its time to eat you can take out a piece of chicken, steak or fish and know its the right size already.

• There are these things called Ketone Sticks found in the drug store, you pee on them wait 15 seconds and the end turns pink-dark brown. This means your body is burning fat. They can be used about the 4th or 5th day into the diet, the darker the better!

• Best time to weigh yourself is every morning after you go to the bathroom and do your duty.

• Be cautious with cosmetics, creams like foundations have lots of oils and fats your face absorbs. Try to use mineral or powder if you can plus it does wonders for you skin. Some lotions are ok if they are oil free.

• Usually the drops taste nasty, if you keep them under your tongue you can’t really taste them but you do notice a tingle like with Listerine. If you let it run over your tongue its gonna taste gross but try to bear it. I don’t know why they make it like that. The kind I used I had to mix myself so I always mixed it with cherry flavored B12 and it was better. I have gotten use to this stuff, but even I admit its yucky!

• Day 1-2 are your loading days and this is when you start your drops but, also eat anything and everything load up on all the things your going to miss!!! Skipping loading days to move the process along faster won’t work. These days are very important to the diet!

• Day 3 is the start of your diet in which you will refer to the menu in pounds and inches until you get the hang of it.

Hcg tips and helpful hints

• Breakfast tea or coffee that’s it! You can use sweet n low or stevia for sugar and only 1 tsp of milk per day. I also use some creamers but be careful.

• Lunch: 100 grams of meat, fish, chicken, shrimp, crab. etc.
– 1 vegetable you can mix with salads even though pounds and
inches says choose only 1
– 1 fruit which is an apple, strawberries, grape fruit and some other on the list. (Make sure you only choose from the listed items on the hcg shopping list or pounds and inches cause some fruit has a lot of sugar!)

Dinner: the same as lunch

• You will find the shopping list has some items that pounds and inches doesn’t its just because pounds and inches was created over 50 years ago and some items have been revised.

• Don’t cook with oil or use oil in salads. Also for salads try to only use vinegars not already bottled dressings they have so many calories!!!!

• The first couple of days on the diet you will get hungry and question if you can do it…… For me this passed once I got to the third or fourth day. Most people say they don’t feel hungry at all but everyone is different.

• Don’t feel intimidated by this diet, once you get the hang of it it becomes like second nature 🙂

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